Private collections in the United States, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, United Kingdom, Fiji, Turkey, Lebanon, Brazil, Mexico belonging to Sherry Lansing, Ronald O Perelman, David Gilmour, Steven Witkoff, among others.

“….[Arnaud] creates elegantly solemn oil paintings of a darker, heavier experience. The surfaces of these paintings seem thick with paint, like tweed tapestries of labor-intensive strokes. They create a uniform field which holds the painting’s surface in complete equality at every point. Behind this plane, a shallow pictorial space of great compression develops, and this entire space is one of perpetual nervous tension, pushing and pulling in a tight arena. Fundamentally monochromatic, the paintings are in neutral hues or in brooding reds, blues, ambers. They are strong, serious, resolved presences. Arnaud is self-taught, and his mentors include Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Giocometti, deKooning, Pollock. His interest is to capture the feeling of alienation and isolation, and specifically to perpetuate the memory of Auschwitz. The act of creating art and the phenomenal existence of the art object, glowing, breathing in perpetuity, gives hope in the face of such crime. [Arnaud’s] paintings very successfully convey the act of bracing against pain, of enduring it with dignity, of covering the most extreme difficulty by means of aesthetic wealth.”

– Barbara Braathen, curator, October 2005